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SASC Leaders Reed and Inhofe Condemn Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Following the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine’s sovereign territory, Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee today issued the following statement:

“Russia’s renewed invasion of Ukraine is an attack on freedom. Putin, in his unending quest to expand his authoritarian regime, has trampled on Ukraine’s sovereignty and jeopardized the peace that was forged in the aftermath of the Cold War.

“In the months and days leading up to this invasion, the Kremlin pushed falsehoods to justify its aggression. But we should be clear: Ukraine, NATO, and the international community are not, and have not been, the aggressors. Putin has chosen armed violence against the sovereignty of Ukraine.

“America and our partners and allies around the world will continue to provide robust security, economic, and humanitarian assistance to the Government of Ukraine."