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Reed, Inhofe Commend Senate Filing Cloture on Motion to Proceed on FY22 NDAA

The United States Senate today filed cloture on a motion to proceed on the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022.  On Wednesday, the Senate will vote on cloture on the motion.  If cloture is invoked, the Senate will subsequently vote on a motion to proceed to floor debate.

SASC Chairman Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) released the following statement commending the Senate’s progress on the bill:

“I am pleased that we are moving ahead on the FY22 NDAA.  Our nation faces a complex and evolving range of security threats, and we must provide our military men and women with the resources they need to maintain our national defense.  Enacting the National Defense Authorization Act is critical to this endeavor, and the floor debate is a crucial part of the process.  Along with Ranking Member Inhofe and Leader Schumer, I am committed to upholding our tradition of robust, careful deliberation and strong, bipartisan support to ensure we provide our forces with the right tools and capabilities to combat threats around the globe.”

Ranking Member Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) also commented:

“As the global threat map grows more dangerous, I’m glad the Majority Leader finally took a key step forward on this year’s National Defense Authorization Act — a bipartisan bill that takes care of our troops and gives them the authorities and resources they need to defend the country. China continues unabated to accelerate its historic military modernization and Russia pushes the envelope at every turn, so it’s time for the Senate to do its job from start to finish — with what I hope is an open amendment process. Today, we are one step closer to going to conference and enacting this must-pass bill — just as we have for the last 60 years in a row.”