Military Services’ Prevention of and Response to Sexual Assault

Subcommittee: SUBCOMMITTEE ON PERSONNEL Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 Time: 02:30 PM Location: Room SR-222, Russell Senate Office Building

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To receive testimony on the Military Services’ prevention of and response to sexual assault.


Panel 1

  1. Colonel Don M. Christensen, USAF (Ret.)
    President, Protect our Defenders
  2. Colonel Ellen Haring, USA (Ret.)
    Chief Executive Officer, Service Women’s Action Network
  3. Lieutenant Commander Erin Leigh Elliott, USN
  4. Ms. Angela Bapp
  5. Colonel Doug James, USAF (Ret.)
    President, Save Our Heroes

Panel 2

  1. Dr. Elizabeth P. Van Winkle
    Executive Director, Office of Force Resiliency
  2. Lieutenant General Charles N. Pede, USA
    The Judge Advocate General of the Army
  3. Vice Admiral John G. Hannink, USN
    Judge Advocate General of the Navy
  4. Lieutenant General Jeffrey A. Rockwell, USAF
    The Judge Advocate General of the Air Force
  5. Major General Daniel J. Lecce, USMC
    Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant of the Marine Corps