CLOSED: Briefing on Cybersecurity from the Defense Science Board

Subcommittee: SUBCOMMITTEE ON CYBERSECURITY Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2017 Time: 02:30 PM Location: Room SVC-217, The Office of Senate Security in the Capitol Visitor Center


To receive a briefing on cybersecurity from the Defense Science Board.


  1. Dr. Craig I. Fields
    Chairman, Defense Science Board
  2. Honorable David S.C. Chu
    President, Institute for Defense Analyses and Former Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness
  3. Honorable Christine H. Fox
    Assistant Director for Policy and Analysis, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and Former Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense
  4. Honorable Paul J. Hoeper
    Chairman, OnPoint Technologies, Inc. and Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for International and Commercial Programs
  5. Dr. John L. Manferdelli
    Engineering Director, Google
  6. Honorable James N. Miller
    President, Adaptive Strategies LLC and Senior Fellow, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  7. Mr. Robert F. Nesbit
    Former Senior Vice President and General Manager, The MITRE Corporation’s Center for Integrated Intelligence System