Military Construction, Environmental, Energy, and Base Closure Programs

Subcommittee: SUBCOMMITTEE ON READINESS AND MANAGEMENT SUPPORT Date: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 Time: 09:30 AM Location: Room SR-232A, Russell Senate Office Building

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To receive testimony on military construction, environmental, energy, and base closure programs in review of the Defense Authorization Request for Fiscal Year 2015 and the Future Years Defense Program.


  1. Mr. John C. Conger
    Acting Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Installations and Environment
  2. Honorable Sharon E. Burke
    Assistant Secretary of Defense, Operational Energy Plans and Programs
  3. Honorable Katherine G. Hammack
    Assistant Secretary of the Army Installations, Energy and Environment
  4. Honorable Dennis V. McGinn
    Assistant Secretary of the Navy Energy, Installations and Environment
  5. Ms. Kathleen I. Ferguson
    Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Installations, Environment and Logistics